Live on the Show Arty & Eric with former co-host Brianna Classen hanging in. Eric confessed that he was getting snap chats from a chick who was a man. They discuss movies and how the title may have nothing to do with the movie. Brianna wastes no time pushing Eric's buttons just like back in the day. Eric tries to convince Brianna he has a poncy scheme going on and she should jump on. Prior to the show Eric said he wasn't going to talk about his new job, and 8 minutes in and spills the beans. Eric talks about a commercial he wished was for penis enlargement but it wasn't. Arty finds out that Tom Brady's middle name is not Jackson. The boys do their football picks for the week. We also have fun with Siri. This show is brought to you by The Pack [dot] Com http://www.ThePackie.com for all your sports, chicks and drinking needs and DJ Arty 84 Entertainment - www.DjArty84.com - Also a whirl wind report by Adam Mallett. Show produced by Dave of WEMF Radio @wemfradio - http://www.WeMfRaDiO.com

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