Arty, Eric and Adam live in Studio. Its the Celtics opening night and Eric is angry as usual. We establish that we have no idea what Adam does for work. Its is 40 oz night at the radio show. We do the week 8 picks for football on the air and Adam is mad that I ask for the picks so soon. Adam is the last person to sign up for twitter. Arty talk briefly about his Florida trip. Eric and Adam have a nerd off and talk about Star Wars. Arty looses it on Eric about Star Wars. After nerd talk about Star Wars, they move on to Batman and Superman. Eric talks about all his life changing events that happened in the movie theater. Adam talks about his Salem MA adventure and Eric goes off on Ashley Alexiss again. This show is brought to you by The Pack [dot] Com http://www.ThePackie.com for all your sports, chicks and drinking needs and DJ Arty 84 Entertainment - www.DjArty84.com - Also a whirl wind report by Adam Mallett. Show produced by Dave of WEMF Radio @wemfradio - http://www.WeMfRaDiO.com

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